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Rizza Santos

Fruit shake!

Rizza is a graduate of Office Administration and has the eye on everything in this agency. She will make sure that every task is done on time, deadlines met and making sure everything is in order…that includes keeping our desks clean. She loves browsing playing with her iPad during spare time.

What inspires him: Seeing my son learn new things.
Hobbies: Playing gadget games. Shopping!
Can’t live without: My phone.


Witty Jack Team

Explorer - Editorial Consultant / Creative Writer
If you've driven (and endured) an old-school Volkswagen, you can drive anything.
Master - Events Specialist
Let me tell you a story...my story.
Boatswain - Creative Director
Keep that shot. Im'ma need it later!
Master Gunner - Partner Photographer
Wide lens here, tight lens there. Hey! Don't move!
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