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Ritchie Jota

Keep that shot. Im'ma need it later!

Boatswain – Creative Director

Ritchie is also an actor and a film maker. He studied Mass Communication at the Trinity University of Asia and is also enjoying his motorcycle business. He started his career as a still photographer in one of the biggest TV networks in the country. That’s not bragging.

What inspires him: Each time the slate comes out of my camera angle
Hobbies: Airsoft, motorcycles… the big ones.
Can’t live without: Gasoline


Witty Jack Team

Explorer - Editorial Consultant / Creative Writer
If you've driven (and endured) an old-school Volkswagen, you can drive anything.
Master - Events Specialist
Let me tell you a story...my story.
Master Gunner - Partner Photographer
Wide lens here, tight lens there. Hey! Don't move!
First Mate - Managing Director
Fruit shake!
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