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Posh Develos

Let me tell you a story...my story.

Master – Events Specialist

Born with artistic eye for everything, Posh can interpret an event into a stunning and memorable occasion. She studied Mass Communications Major in Advertising at the Lyceum of the Philippines University. Precise and loving, you’ll also find Posh to be an advocate for children’s welfare doing story telling as charity work and acting on TV and film occasionally.

What inspires her: God, people and nature
Hobbies: Storytelling, Watching Hollywood and Asian Movies/Drama, Inspiring People, Enhancing and Discovering my Skills/Talents.
Can’t live without: God, Family, Friends, Sports and Hectic Schedules.


Witty Jack Team

Explorer - Editorial Consultant / Creative Writer
If you've driven (and endured) an old-school Volkswagen, you can drive anything.
Boatswain - Creative Director
Keep that shot. Im'ma need it later!
Master Gunner - Partner Photographer
Wide lens here, tight lens there. Hey! Don't move!
First Mate - Managing Director
Fruit shake!
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