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Noel Dolor

If you've driven (and endured) an old-school Volkswagen, you can drive anything.

Explorer – Editorial Consultant / Creative Writer

A person of varied likes and interests, Noel Dolor a.k.a Retro&Trivia GeeX is updated about the latest trends in global business, sports, political, techno, infotainment and living. He also enjoys very spicy food, notably Bicolano, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Mexican and Korean dishes. At the same time, he has a soft spot for history and things retro and is an aficionado of ’60s,’70s,’80s and’ 90s classic rock, folk rock, fusion rock, progressive-new wave-alternative rock, Pinoy Rock, New Age and World Music.

As a motoring buff, Noel loves reading and surfing about trivias and the mystique behind cars on one hand while showing interest on the business side of, and issues affecting the automotive industry on the other. His preferred driving mode is ‘manual shifting and heavy clutching’ though he also is open to the convenience of driving manually with automatics.

What inspires him: Cars
Hobbies: Writing, surfing the net and reading trivias
Can’t live without: My family


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