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Josh Ignacio

Wide lens here, tight lens there. Hey! Don't move!

Master Gunner – Partner Photographer

Josh belongs to the world of corporate communications. But that doesn’t end there. He is an extreme photography enthusiast and has built a fortress of portfolio through his wing, Team Sharpness. He loves taking pictures of models, cars and food. And speaking of food, Josh also co-owns a pasta bar called Gourmet To Go. Wait till you taste it!

What inspires him: The people that surrounds me. My family, love ones, friends from the car community and buddies from Photography
Hobbies: Photography, Film, Bikes and Cars
Can’t live without: My family


Witty Jack Team

Explorer - Editorial Consultant / Creative Writer
If you've driven (and endured) an old-school Volkswagen, you can drive anything.
Master - Events Specialist
Let me tell you a story...my story.
Boatswain - Creative Director
Keep that shot. Im'ma need it later!
First Mate - Managing Director
Fruit shake!
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