Meet Dave – A Witty Jack Explainer Video

Our first explainer video. Dave is a busy guy and his time is important, but …..Dave has a problem… his business needs an awesome online presence and he needs an impressive visual presentation for his product. Dave goes online to find the ‘Best web design and video production studio” And discovers WITTY JACK!

Witty Jack is a graphic design, online marketing and video production studio! Creating a strong bond between brands and consumer, Witty Jack offers the best in web design and development, internet marketing, brand development, or graphic design and video production. And has the experience and creativity to help market your business creatively and effectively!

Meet Dave: A Witty Jack Explainer Video

Written by: Jack Logan
Animation by: Jeanne of Video LTL
Additional Animation by: Witty Jack
Produced by: Rizza Santos
Directed by: CJ Santos

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